Digital poverty affects hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. This is just a small initiative to change things in East Kent.

In the second lockdown we have provided over 500 refurbished devices to families and individuals in East Kent. We started by delivering donated devices to those who were unable to connect to home learning, but as children returned to school, it became clear than there was still a need out there and not only from families. Now we are still delivering devices: to students who are from low income families and need them for homework; to older people who would like to connect with loved ones and the internet; to charities who request them for their services users and to other vulnerable groups.


If you, or someone you know from East Kent, are in need of a laptop or tablet, please get in touch, using the contact form below.


If you have a working, internet-compatible tablet or laptop that is less than 8 years old (with charger), that you do not need anymore, we can find grateful homes for these. At the moment we are only accepting donations of devices with in-built cameras and batteries that hold their charge. We cannot accepted anything with a cracked screen, or tablets that are locked. We will wipe them professionally clean if you have not already done so. Please get in touch with us (use the contact form below)


We will also use financial donations to professionally wipe clean any laptops or tablets that are donated to us from the local community and buy spare parts (or other special requests from families e.g. keyboards, computer mouse). If you can donate money to help us get families connected, please click on the big blue button at the top of the page which will take you to our JustGiving page.

WHEN WRITING A MESSAGE: If donating a device, please confirm it is in working order and less than 8 years old with charger. For both donating and requesting a device, please include your address, so we can arrange for a volunteer to collect or deliver.

About Us

This page was set up by Charlotte Cornell, who has worked as a teacher and writer for many years. She lives in Kent with her three children under ten.

If you need to get in touch with Charlotte use the contact form.

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